Taking a knee

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Kiriman terakhir
Min, 07/05/2020 - 11:38
Avatar koteff
Taking a knee

Well blow me down, when is all this rot going to stop!

I have had it up to here with this non issue. I was going to watch the race tonight on TV, but! when I saw in huge letters the sign written on the grass on the race track "end racisim", as I watched the qualifying sessons.

Are you trying to make me feel guilty for something, I had not done at all in words or deeds.

No not me.

I am quite bewildered by all this and who is behind it all!

As it was a misscarage of duties that cause George Floyd's death and we cannot turn back time.

Yes! he was an habitual criminal, with a record as long as my right arm. Play with fire and you get BURNT.

But! and a BIG BUTT, a few months ago an Australian woman, living in Mineapolis ( same city as George Floyd) who was shot dead by a black police officer.

Yes! Justin Damond an Australian living and working in the USA at the time, who rang 999 about an assult that was hapening behind her house that she was living in and made the mistake of after phoneing 999 by going out to help the person who was being assaulted and then got shot by the police officer. As they say "in the wrong place at the wrong time".

Now I ask you, was there protests and riots that followed up this event for Justin Damond, NO not for her ,BUT there was an protest and an outcry of support for the police officer that shot her!!!!!

Oh I forgoty to mention Justin was WHITE.

I rest my case.




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