Do racers get better with age?

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Wed, 12/13/2017 - 09:33
Luke Smith
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Do racers get better with age?

Pretty crazy to see the news that Troy Bayliss will be making a return to racing at the age of 48 next year as he bids to add the ASBK title to his glittering career.

So do racers get better the older they get? We're seeing the likes of Lewis Hamilton and Jonathan Rea both at the peak of their powers despite being into their 30s, while even Valentino Rossi is still competitive (even without a title) and he's nearing 40.

Michael Schumacher was a force in F1 right the way up to his late 30s, and made his final race start for Mercedes when he was 43!

Do racers need time to mature? When is the peak period of their careers?

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