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Thu, 03/01/2018 - 12:29
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To moderators

As a long time follower on this website, This has been my go to website for years and years. 

While sometimes there has been issues with the actual website and posting issues in the past. The one thing for me that has become completely unnacceptable is the constant bashing of riders and the complete disrespect shown between the members on this forum.

It is like a childrens playground and nothing is constructive anymore in pretty much every single post. So much so that I now look for alternative sources to find my Motorsport news. I hardly even come onto this site anymore and when I do, I go to the comments section and immediately I realise why I dont come here anymore and close the page.

However today I decided to actually make a post about it, maybe nothing will change but I thought I would atleast try make a mention of it because I want to come back to this site. It has great content but if it carries on this way then there is no reason to continue. Sure I dont have to go to the comments section but part of the fun of this site was always discussing things with fellow enthusiasts. It is now just a shit show really.

Please get a grip of this site.





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