Looks Like Zarco Is In And Avintia Show Their True Character.

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Sat, 11/23/2019 - 20:44
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Looks Like Zarco Is In And Avintia Show Their True Character.

Karel Abraham announced to fans last night (Friday) here in the Czech Republic that he will not be at Avintia next year. This leaves the way for Zarco to get back into Moto GP deserved or not.

It does not matter a jot what you think of Karel Abraham good or bad or the usual stories about his Dad and his money. Karel, himself, is a thoroughly decent human being and he never denied that he was lucky that his Dad could finance things the way he did. Karel is also a talented motorcycle rider and that is without question. Anyone who laps with a couple of seconds of the top guys is. The point however is that no one deserves to be dealt with the way he was as reported in this article from his supporters evening last night. Google it of you don’t read Czech. In short the dishonorable lowlives in Avinitia sent him an email to say the were breaking his long signed contract. Ruben Xaus is a class act, or so it would appear. Seems like the team also has not been overly dilligent in paying some of the staff.

As I say regardless of what you think of him as a racer, no one deserves that treatment and Ruben Xaus should have had the decency and courage to tell him face to face. They can’t say there was no opportunity.



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