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Sat, 08/17/2019 - 04:34
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KTM ... frame/chassis/culture

Let me clear a few things up. 

I've read that KTM are like Ducati in that they "wont listen to their riders". That is a laughable statement. You know who is NOT listening to their riders? Honda and Yamaha. HRC just happens to have Marc, who will adapt to any issues. Everyone else who has ridden the RCV has hated it the last 5 years. And Yamaha hasnt gotten it right in several years. Meanwhile Ducati & KTM have spent a fortune trying to adapt the DNA of their bikes to the likes of Lorenzo & Zarco respectively. Just goes to show how badly the media can sway fans opinions.

Here's a tip... stop listening to British media on these matters. They have no business criticizing Italian or Austrian culture. Norton, Triumph, Williams, McLaren, Cosworth, Jaguar, Lotus... all havent won squat in forever. The inferiority complex of the media in these sports is quite blatant.

Wanna know why KTM wont go with Ohlins suspension? Because when you have only one suspension company at the races, their best technicians are in short supply. Guess who's boxes they spend the most time in? It aint gonna be in the midfield or backmarkers. Dorna every once in a while will throw a bone to a team and ask Ohlins to send their best people to help a team out ona given weekend. Such was the case when Maverick won his only race for Suzuki. 

KTM has a pretty rich winning tradition across a lot of motorsports. It's comical the fact that they are taking heat for a situation that Zarco ruined on his own. The guy quit on them before he got started. He had a #1 bike for a factory team. Worked his butt off his whole life to get there, and rather than grow with the company and fight thru the tough times (like Dovi did at Ducati) he started sulking from the first test!!!

Then he backs out of a VERY lucrative contract of which he will never see the likes of again. So stupid. I love Zarco the racer. And I get it, his style didnt mesh with the bike's DNA. But c'mon. Collect that check. Put in a better attitude. And either help be part of the solution or wait until your next contract. Absolutely foolish to pull the attitude he did and then step away. I know that most fans have no idea what it's like to work for these teams, but KTM is about as supportive and good a mfg as you could ask for. Fans wouldnt know it because they're not portrayed that way in the media. The Austrians get a bad wrap. Sure, they have their quirks, but let me tell you, so do the Japanese, and Italians for that matter. But they're all capable of being your best friend if you put in the work yourself. Zarco didnt. He's got the talent. But he forgot to bring a proper attitude.

I'll say it again, look at KTM's record across all motorsports. Look at Ducati's or Ferraris for that matter, next time someone criticizes the Italians. Then ask yourself... what has Suzuki done lately? Not a damn thing the last 15 years yet they dont receive an ounce of criticism?!?!? 

How's Mir doing on the Suzuki? Not even close to how Iannone was doing. Anyone out there criticizing Suzuki for the "poor rider management" (cough cough Matt Oxley). Nope. It was all Iannone's fault. Funny how that works.

Any British media out there calling for Lin Jarvis' head after mismanagement of Rossi & Lorenzo? Jarvis has been piss poor the last 5 years. Funny how that passport shields him huh?

Speaking of Lorenzo, it was all Ducati's fault last year. But look! He's pulling the same act over at Honda and no criticism of the manufacturer this go around huh? If HRC was Italian or Austrian, how differently would the story be told.

A lot of these clowns that pose as media should have their press passees revoked. 

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