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Wed, 10/03/2018 - 15:25
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Anna Carrasco

Well done Anna Carrasco - awesome to be the first female world champion - news spread throughout the world except on - really? wtf?

regardless of what anyone thinks of this class - you have to work bloody hard and then go two extra miles to be a world champion and i was one of the naysayers who thought she'd blown it after qualifying 25th on the grid..

but when it's your day, it's your day! and its her time

good for women everywhere but I would liked to have seen more reaction from other great female riders on public forums and not just twitter

Congratulations - where now? I personally think Moto 3 as I think moto 2 maybe too physical - literally so what about Moto E world championship? her smooth no panic style would surely suit that? - probably already signed - silly me

thoughts ladies? gentlemen?

and congrats to JR as he is on another planet and I am waiting to see him have a real fight with the new Panigale as the Kawasaki is the fastest thing around with the best guy on it and it's been a tad boring TBH

why doesn't someone introduce a moto e superbike class - now that would be back to the LC racing days!

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